Development of SHADES

Client: PMO

Start Date: 2016

Developing hydrodynamic coastal models

Client: Jahad Tahghighat Ab & Abkhizdari (JWRC)

Start Date: March, 2010

Development of PMODynamics

Client: PMO

Start Date: 2009

Dam break studies in Karoon, Karkheh and Dez basins

Client: Iran Water and Power resources development Co- Water Research Institute

Start Date: March, 2008

Resolving shortcomings and promoting the user level and the computational applications of the new edition HEMAT software

Client: Ministry of Energy

Start Date: December, 2007

Numerical modeling for Dam breaks of Jarahi basin and dams

Client: Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (KWPA)

Start Date: March, 2007

Developing numerical hydrodynamic coastal models (Part of the Monitoring & Modeling Studies of Chabahar & Bushehr Coasts project)

Client: Ports and Marine Organization (PMO) & Jahad Tahghighat Group (JWERC)

Start Date: August, 2006

Joint cooperation projects of development one and two-dimensional models

Client: Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (KWPA)

Start Date: December, 2005

Complementary sedimentation studies of Imam Khomeini Port

Client: Water and Environment Technology Company

Start Date: December, 2005

Guidelines for design, implementation and maintenance of guidance wall for water bridges

Client: Transportation Research Institute, Ministry of Roads and Transportation

Start Date: September, 2004